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B_Rex Calculation Programme

B_Rex Calculation Programme

Welcome to our calculation program B_Rex.

The program uses symbols to model conveyors and drives and any modifications to them on the computer, so the interaction of virtually any system with every type in the Forbo Siegling product range can be simulated. The data relating to the Forbo Siegling types is included in the program as a database.

Apart from drums, skid plates and support rollers, live rollers and knife edges in any combination can now be calculated too. Accumulations or dischargers can be added to each conveyor. Each layout takes into account standstill, normal operation and acceleration.

A B_Rex layout is divided into four simple steps and only requires information from the designer that he already knows. Any modification of the parameters in a particular layout generates a new calculation, so that the machine’s performance can easily be enhanced. B_Rex is freely available and at the moment the most advanced calculation program with the greatest number of possibilities in the light materials handling sector.

Good luck working with this program.
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